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Zoanthus spec./ Zoanthids Frags

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Zoanthids are exclusively marine animals, the small anemones same. They form, as these are also no fixed skeleton. Instead, their polyps but a layer of mucus from, stick to the foreign body. These harden into a layer and are overgrown by the outer skin. This creates an internal "skeleton replacement".

Zoanthids form of extensive colonies, which consist of a large number of individual animals. All individuals living in the colony are connected via spur (stolons). Zoanthids develop their greatest biodiversity in shallow water of the littoral tropical and subtropical seas. Here they inhabit almost all organic and inorganic materials and form extensive crusts, mats, lumps and balls. Some species live on sponges, gorgonians, bryozoans and the snail shells of hermit crabs. With them, they often live in symbiosis

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