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Zebrasoma gemmantum/ Mauritius surgeonfish

Tangs are found primarily in places where a rich algal growth prevails in shallow Riffbereichen where the solar radiation at the highest and the growth of algae is best. 

All surgeonfish are diurnal fish all day are foraging
With their sharp teeth they graze the algae from rocks and corals and take iton in the main algae. 
However, they do take on even fine grains of sand that are important for the digestive process of animals.

Southwestern Indian Ocean from the south-east African coast (Durban, Sodwana Bay) to the Mascarene Islands to Madagascar and Mauritius, in 10 to 60m depth.

No, the Gender here is very strong, ie the males resemble the females very strong.

Zebrasoma gemmantum is a rare loner who usually occupied territories. He is to socialize but still compatible with invertebrates and even with other surgeonfish.

Zebrasoma gemmantum needed hiding places and is sensitive to diseases and parasites, and therefore be classified as sensitive.

Lighting Zone, diurnal

So far, about little to nothing known. All breeding successes were previously chance.

Omnivorous (omnivores), i.e., their food palette is predominantly vegetable but also animal is not disdain, ie: in the sea, they eat zooplankton, in the aquarium they will eat live or frosted small shrimp (Mysis, Artemia) but also any other wirbelne food like white worms and flake food will be gratefully accepted.

In addition, cucumber, lettuce, iceberg lettuce, carrot, flake food, banana, Cyclops, white mosquito larvae, lobster eggs, shellfish, dandelion can be fed.
Please try what is taken from it.

Zebrasoma gemmantum is extremely rare and is only imported from the region around Mauritius - hence its name - where no more than 10 individuals are caught annually. The steep price and rarity are probably cause that little experience about the attitude presented together with conspecifics.

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