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Zebrasoma flavescens/ Lemon surgeonfish

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The seven species of the genus of Segelflossendoktor fish are found in all oceans except the Atlantic. Togetherness is called for in their lives. Very rarely you meet them in small groups of up to six animals. 

Zebrasoma flavescens Export fish of Hawaii. One of the hardest and most "prettiest" doctors. It can kill him almost nothing, except to poor water conditions.

Pacific Plate, North of the equator from Japan to Hawaii in 3 to 46m depth.

No, the Gender here is very strong, ie the males resemble the females very strong.

Zebrasoma flavescens lives individually, in pairs and sometimes in loose groups of moving below the surf zone down to about 50m depth in dense populations of coral lagoons and outer reefs.

Because of its compatibility with other fish and invertebrates, its slow growth and its vivid coloring of zebrasoma is flavescens become a popular aquarium fish, and probably the only zebrasoma which, when used young, with other dogs can be kept together.

Sun light zone, diurnal

Animals spawn in nature mostly into groups; It was also observed pairwise spawning, with a territorial male anbalzt passing females and spawns individually with them. 

In the aquarium is about however, nothing is known.

Herbivores (plant eaters), Zbrasoma flavescens needed for his well being much vegetable food, not only in the form of lettuce and spinach, but mainly filamentous algae, which he scrapes away from the substrate. If these are in sufficient extent available, he eats all day and be filled belly shows his well-being. Is this, however, thin as a sheet of paper, then immediate action, such as supplementation or minimize stress attached. 

In addition, he also eats mysis, white mosquito larvae, birne shrimp, shrimp, tubifex, fish meat, beef heart, feed pellets and flake food.

How robust can be the animals should show two experiences. Without him to do in a quarantine tank , put a fellow aquarist a Hawaii doctor in his community tank fish with corals. This consisted of about 800 liters. The fish had not yet reached a protective hiding place as a Altbewohner , the Blue Surgeonfish ( Acanthurus leucosternon ) , zoom and shot him with his spine missed such a deep wound that slashed intestines hung out of the side of the body . At an out venture was not to think of lemons and so was left gliding doctor to his fate. Seven days he ate nothing, but often swam out of his hiding place and most other attacks . With the Nahrungsaufname he then started from the wound to defecate out the 3 months needed to become overgrown again . This fish is still alive .

In another experience ever , the float switch failed in my Hälterungsanlage and it constantly strömmte fresh water in the aquarium to salt water sometime freshwater was . He swam after two days already in pure fresh water at a temperature of about 15 ° C. When I noticed it , of course, we sat around immediately and the Hawai doctor has this survived without major injury.

Even today, this animal is still alive and is intended to show how robust can be such animals .

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