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Chaetodon kleinii/ Kleiniis Butterfly fish

ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days (abroad may vary)
-8 pieces
26,00 EUR
26,00 EUR per fish

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Belongs to the simple-held butterfly fish. 

Like most other butterfly fish is kleinii only suitable for a coral aquarium, unless you forgive the fish the Rumzupfen at various lower animals C.. 

Not suitable for socialization are clams, tube worms and all großpolypigen stony corals (Euphyllia, Trachyphyllia), as is plucked at anemones and gorgonians. 

For a mass replication of Aiptasia can use C. kleinii. 

Omnivores, who is also the basis of which can be captured well again.

East African coast to the Red Sea, southern New Guinea to Eastern Australia (Sydney), to Marshall Islands in the north and in the south Taluti; Hawaii. In 2 - 60m depth.

No, the Gender here is very strong, ie the males resemble the females very strong.

The attitude is often done individually, in the sea but usually in small flocks. Juveniles in the inner reef between coral branches, old animals in the reef in a shoal near major coral.

Very suitable for beautiful, long-taught aquariums without live coral, which still should be mentioned that corals belong to the natural diet of the animals. 

Forgive one from him and the tug at the polyps of some corals it is still a very popular nursling. Add to that the great property also eat Aiptasia, which makes him very popular, otherwise they will multiply all bounds.

Nevertheless, we advise you to pool from 200 liters.

Sunlight zone to medium light zone, diurnal

So far, about little to nothing known. All breeding successes were previously random or meaningless to the comercial trade.

Omnivorous (omnivores), their feeding range from zooplankton on algae to polyps of individual corals. 

In the aquarium, our animals take very gladly brine shrimp, Mysis and other frozen foods. Also, dry food is not scorned. 

Among its most important features is hers food spectrum of the glass roses (Aiptasia). These are also very well destroyed.

Juveniles (young animals) are different from adult by two bright ribbons behind the blindfold. In our opinion, an animal for beginners.

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