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Centropyge bicolor/ Bicolor Angelfish

ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days (abroad may vary)
-2 pieces
40,00 EUR
40,00 EUR per fish

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

All Centropyge are herbivores with one exception: Centropyge loricula. In the aquarium, you can feed it with everything but. In particular, brown algae are taken as "golden" diatoms; to detritus, particularly when young.

This angelfish is a relatively peaceful inhabitants and also suitable for beginners. All Centropyge are initially females. The strongest female converts to a male and a harem builds from the group on. Females in the sex change are to be killed, as bachelors from other groups. If the male predators prey, the highest-ranking female converts to males. Equally strong females fight each other until the hierarchy is restored.

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