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Amphiprion ocellaris

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Anemone and Clownfish (Pomacentridae Damselfishes genus) have always featured the most prestigious beach salty fish in the aquarium. Let us just consider the animated film of Pixar Studios 'Finding Nemo', a clownfish played by the lead role. 




Subclass: True Bony Fishes (Teleostei) 


About order: bream (Acanthopterygii) 


Order: Perciformes (Perciformes) 


Subordination: Lippfischartige (Labroidei) 


Family: Damselfishes (Pomacentridae) 

Genus: Anemone fish

 Eastern Indian Ocean and Western Pacific: Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, 1 to 15m depth.

The females are significantly larger than the males. In its natural environment the animals are to be changed in a position her sex, so they should be careful when buying a pair to purchase two animals of different sizes. 

It would indeed come to a pairing with equally large animals, however, would an animal the other is to suppress the size ratio restored, ie an animal animal would be the long term is always greater than the other.

Lives with the anemone Heteractis magnifica, Stichodactyla gigantea and Stichodactyla mertensi. Some other species of fish can certainly be maintained as a shareholder in the same basin, for example, a Doctor fish (Zebrasoma flavescens or Paracanthurus hepatus), some gobies, etc..

The species is very sensitive to transportation, so attention to solid feed animals when purchasing. Once acclimated, the animals are quite hardy and can be 8-10 years old. The best types of pool with several animals and anemones.

 Sun-light to medium zone, diurnal

The species is already bred in quantities of several thousand per year in Germany, and even over several generations. The spawn is yellow to light orange. For more information on successful offspring, please contact us for information exchange.

Carnivor (meat eaters), planktivorous (plankton feeders), ie in the aquarium they are easy to feed with all common types of feed. 

Attention to special food only applies if they want to follow the animals successfully. Then they should leave nothing to chance and provide sufficient plankton and brine shrimp available.

When you buy the beginner should be careful to erweerben only bred animals, although this may be slightly more expensive than freshly imported animals. The longer life justifies the higher price anyway.

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