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Acanthurus sohal/ Arabian Surgeonfish

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One of the very expensive doctor fish is a native of the Red Sea Acanthurus sohal .

Acanthurus sohal , 1775 described by Forskal , the German trivial name Rotmeer stripe surgeonfish is given . Mostly, however, it is dubbed with its scientific species name Sohal .

The in natural habitat to 50 cm tall expectant doctor fish lives in schools on the coral reef roofs , where he was , how can it be otherwise, primarily feeds on algae. After Abel 1960, the tabular growing coral formations of the type Acropora corymbosa and Acropora pharaonis are on the reef roofs preferred residence .

Well suited for the care of aquariums are elongated , as the Sohal , like all doctor - fish, is floating happy . The use of two animals can only be made in very large aquaria of about 800 liters here. Moreover, it is advisable to use the same animals . The addition of other surgeonfish should be omitted , because you can never predict how the Red Sea - Doctor Fish reacts . In addition to plant food which is essential for digestion and well-being, Acanthurus takes sohal also the usual frozen food with increasing enthusiasm.

Arab Sea, from the Red Sea to the Arabian Gulf, in 0 to 20m depth.

No, the Gender here is very strong, ie the males resemble the females very strong.

The Arab doctor is usually a loner and claims a relatively small area. Several individual animals inhabit quite close to each other the reef flat near the reef edge. Sometimes he also joins together to form larger loose groups.

The Sohal is aggressive towards other Tangs, but something more peaceful than most other species and therefore individually or maintain good from 800 liters in the Great Basin.

Sun light zone, diurnal

So far, about little to nothing known. All breeding successes were previously chance.

Herbivores (plant eaters), the Acanthurus sohal is somewhat difficult to bring to food, settling in, he holds, however, for many years. He eats almost exclusively vegetable diet, but also Artemia and Mysis are gladly accepted.

Please try what is taken from it.

The Arab doctor differs from the blue stripes Doctor (Acanthurus lineatus) by narrow pale blue longitudinal stripes alternating with black. The Acanthurus sohal is an extremely skilful swimmer and makes his art even in the wild for the show. In waves you can see it from the land side by the aquarium glass acting as a front side of the breaker at the reef edge back and hasten.

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