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Acanthurus lineatus/ Blue stripe surgeonfish

ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days (abroad may vary)
52,00 EUR
52,00 EUR per fish

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

Like all surgeonfish has a laterally flattened body with a terminal mouth and the blue stripe surgeonfish. The body sides are bright blue and yellow striped with pure light blue abdomen, the dorsal fin is yellow. The anal fin and the pelvic fins are orange. He is approximately 38 inches long. 

The males have fixed areas of 4-12 m size that inhabit it with several females. The boundaries of the territory controlled by the fish constantly and chased conspecifics and competitors for food like other doctor fish, rabbit fish and butterfly fish. 

Because of his behavior, we strongly advise to a very large aquarium with plenty of hiding places. 

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