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Acanthurus achilles/ Tang orange doctor fish

ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days (abroad may vary)
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380,00 EUR per fish

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This, for a Acanthurus kind, very small fish with "only" 24 cm, is described in some books as durable. 

This fish usually dies too fast, is also quite susceptible to dots. 

If anything, then buy a very young animal, as the familiarization stress is not as high. 

Often takes fast food to both frost and flake food.

Of course, the sea water pool should contain at least 400 liters under these conditions.

Pacific plate; inhabited this large parts of the Pacific Ocean, from the Caroline Islands and the Torres Strait to Hawaii and the Marquesas; The Achilles Surgeonfish is usually, however, only imports from Hawaii. He lives there at a depth of 0-10 m.

No, the Gender here is very strong, ie the males resemble the females very strong.

A. achilles usually lives individually and forms territories in the shallow water area of reefs. Only in Polynesia, where it is more common than in other regions, it also forms groups and swarms.

The Achilles Surgeonfish is, long term care as a single animal only in large tanks, because it takes a lot of space for movement and pure, oxygen-rich water. However, many recent studies have shown that it proves to be extremely persistent foster child in good conditions.

Sun light zone, diurnal

So far, about little to nothing known. All breeding successes were previously chance.

Herbivores (plant eaters), the Achilles Surgeonfish preferred vegetable diet also is also animal feed, that comes for other fish in the aquarium, such as shellfish, shrimp, flake food, among other things included. If the aquarium does not have enough algae can be bred on stones under strong illumination in their own pool and bring into the aquarium from time to time.

Please try what is taken from it.

Sometimes you can observe hybrids between Acanthurus nigricans and Acanthurus achilles. The juveniles do not have orange colored spot on the caudal peduncle.

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